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Beautiful Russian brides for marriage can be found on our website in 2017

Beautiful Russian brides

Russia is a tremendously beautiful country which has a very astonishing culture and origins. What we mean by the last one refers to the history of the Russian state. Frankly, it is very important and even crucial to have a look at the history of Russia and how it was formed in order to understand the reasons of the breath-taking prettiness of the Russian women.

Well, the first ones to mention the peoples who inhibit the modern-day Russian were Roman travellers of the last periods of the mighty Roman Western Empire. At that point in time, many contemporary historians related the Slavs (which is family of nations that inhibit today the majority of Eastern and South-eastern Europe, and Russians are one of them) to the Germanic tribes. To make things clear, nearly all of the modern-day European nations have Germanic ancestors, apart from a few Celtic, Finno-Hungarian, Greek, Slavs and Baltic nations. To tell the truth, they had a lot of reasons to relate those ancient Slavs to the Germanic tribes because the hallmarks of the nation were blue eyes and blond hair, like the true Germanics. This stereotype still lives in Russia and outside it. Many people believe that if a person has these features, then he must be a true Russian with the minimum mixture of other nations. However, things started to change after the invasion of the hordes of Mongols. This was the time which has left a strong trait on the physical outlook of the Russian women. During that era, an extensive intermingling of the Russian and Eastern races took place. Therefore, a lot of present-day Russian women have those Mongolian traits: round faces, black hair, Eastern eye-shape, short height, etc. Furthermore, we have to add that Mongols brought with them another nation: the Tartars who are still living in Russian in Kazan and Crimea. They have kept their traditions, language and culture. Tartar type of beauty differs a lot from the Russian one. Besides, they are Muslims whilst Russians are mainly Orthodox Christians. When one is thinking about dating a woman from Russia, he has to find out more about these important things that can affect his entire relationships. While it is much easier to ‘negotiate’ with a Russian woman on the issues related to culture and religion, you can hardly do that with a Tartar woman.

3 Reasons Why Russian Women Want To Leave Russia

Alright, getting back to the Russians. They have also received a significant heritage from the Finns and the Europeans. When the Russians were just establishing their state, lots of tribes that lived on those lands were actually Finnish tribes. During the empire period, Russia consolidated itself as an international country where lots of English, French, Germans, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, etc. resided and left their traits too.

The last thing you should know about Russian women is that after the incorporation of the Caucasus area, the southern part of Russia is almost entirely Muslim with very different cultures.

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