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For the last couple of weeks I have felt that I m watching a horror film in which Russia and America accuse each other and talk about the probable consequences of conflict. Ozinki women - russsian girls But agencies have tiny capacity or incentive to confirm the biographies and backgrounds of clients. On this sort of platforms, just Russian ladies in search of critical relationships with males are recognized. Elena 29 Belgorod: ID13572. Russian mail order wives are thought of to be responsible and loving.

Find out why Russian-foreign marriages fail

Russian-foreign marriages

Online dating can bring together people from very different countries. Some of these couples decide to get married after a period of time. It is up to you how strong this marriage will be. There are many things that you cannot control, but it is good to be aware of some potential difficulties.

Unpredictable Russian mind

History has made it possible for people from Easter Europe to develop a whole different mindset. One thing you will probably notice is that Russian women hardly ever trust the government of the country or the financial institutions. There have been too many incidents in Russia when banks go bankrupt and the government cannot do a thing to protect the savings of the citizens. There is still a lot of fraud going on. Some of the parents teach their kids not to save, but rather to spend the money before someone takes it away or it loses its value. For some couples money issues become one of the main reasons for the divorce.

Letting the emotions come out

Money is far not the only reasons why it is hard for a Western man to handle Russian ladies. Women of different nationalities like to pick up fights once in a while and this is fine. The specialty of the Russian girls is to fight until the end. They will not stop until they reach the root of the problem and have a chance to tell you everything that they do not like. For people who are very reserved and conservative with emotions it is hard to live together with a partner who likes to have an argument to prevent relationship from getting boring. You will need to learn how to react in this cases and what is the fastest way to calm down the woman. The good thing is the fact that Russian women usually do not like to be angry for a long time and actually they feel very guilty when they hurt somebody. If you want to save your marriage, always accept the apologies of your wife or be the one who makes the first move.

Getting used to the new country

There have been situations when a man and a woman move in together and at first everything is fine. Your partner is still the same brilliant girl that you met online. But after a while you can see some changes happening. Maybe she is more irritated than usual or maybe becoming more and more shy every day. Either way you can feel that the connection between two of you is fading away. These are the signs that her adaptation to the new place has not been going the way it should have gone. At some point she does not want to be there anymore. In this case you should first analize what went wrong in your relationship. As it was mentioned before, Russian ladies are highly dependent on their emotional state. If it is not about you, then probably the reason is in her relationship with the world outside your house. She might be disappointed about some things that she was expecting to be better.

Social reasons

Building relationships with other people is crucial. Do not try to be too overprotective upon her arrival. Women can easily get used to you doing things for them. Later on you will be tired of running around her and then she will feel upset. The biggest favor that Western men can do for their Russian brides is helping them make new friends and contacts. If your partner needs to learn the language first, you can start from that. You can do it together or let her go to the classes alone. She needs to have an opportunity to be exposed to other people and make contacts without you being ready to translate and say everything for her. The more independent she becomes the more likely is that you will interesting to each other as personalities. Helping her to find a new circle of friends, a hobby or a job will earn you a lot of respect from the side of the woman. Marriage is a source of many problems, but there are great tradeoffs. Any couple can run into difficulties that have been mentioned above. Do not be afraid to be the strong man that all the Russian women want to have so desperately. If you will not be afraid to talk about difficulties, your marriage will succeed.

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