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Four ideas for a perfect date with a Russian woman


Preparing for the first date as well as for the couple of following ones is always a little bit a stress for guys. Especially, if you are going to meet someone from a totally different culture and you do not really know what to expect. However, following some simple tips can bring you a lot of success.

Be more prepared for the date than she is

If you already have some experience with dating Russian girls, you probably know that they take dates very seriously. They might go to a hairdresser for such an occasion, buy a new dress and a pair of shoes. It means that you should not wear your favorite pair of jeans for the first date. You have to look nice on your dates. Russian women like men who are well dressed. You might have heard that they prefer more rough and masculine beauty to the model-like looks, but it does not give you the right to come on a date without taking a shower. Prepare yourself mentally – try to be as relaxed as you can. Remember, that the girl is probably stressed out too, she is worried if you will like her or not and she might be ashamed of the language barrier between you.

Pick the right place

The place where you will decide to go can be a great help to the success of your date. Choose a place in advance and book a table. You do not want to be hanging indecisively on the street, after you discover that all tables are reserved at the restaurant. It is always easier to make a choice, if you know in advance what kind of food your partner prefers. So it is a good idea to ask about it long before you go on an actual date. Russian ladies expect you to take them to a place that is a little more than casual. Save the pizza night for the later stages of the relationship. However, do not pick a place that is too high-end. Or if you do so, make sure that you let the woman know in advance. Then she will put even more effort into preparing, which is crucial for her to feel good. The best idea is to go to a place where you have already been before and you know that the food and service is good. Russian women expect the man to pay for the dinner.

Think about a fun activity

Sometimes you can spend a few hours just sitting and talking, but sometimes you get tired of it faster and both of you need some movement. If your partner likes to dance you can choose a place where you can eat and drink and then learn some salsa moves. You can also prepare a short route to show her around in the city. Or take a walk in the park. Some Russian girls are very playful so they might even be excited about an idea to go play some games, such as bowling or billiards and sometimes even video games. Do not take a lady to a karaoke bar if you are not sure that singing is her favorite thing to do and she is good at it. Also, try to avoid noisy places where you would not be able to hear each other and talk.

Be modest, but do not miss the moment

After spending some time together you both might feel that you have had a good time, and you would actually like this night to last even longer. At this point you should not be too persistent, definitely accompany the woman to her home or the hotel where she is staying. Try to read her eyes and body language. Russian women appreciate when the men are modest, but if she is inviting you for a cup of tea, do not miss your chance. If she does not make the first move than maybe you should try making up an excuse why you should drink one more cup of tea. But if she is too reserved than avoid being pushy.

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