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How to speak the love languages of Russian women?


According to the book of a famous psychologist G.Chapman, there are five main languages of love: the physical touch, words of affirmation, giving gifts, quality time and acts of service. Knowing the specifics of the Russian character can help you learn how to make specific efforts to make Russian brides fall in love with you.

The physical touch

Russian people are quite easy when it comes to physical contact. It is not a taboo to use physical touch even when talking to people who you do not know very well. However, the physical aspect is very individual. Some of the Russian women can be quite open-minded for you to show your sympathy by allowing yourself to touch her hand, her shoulder or her waist, but some women might be more reserved and therefore intimidated by it. In the later stages of the relationship sex becomes very important. A woman has to feel free with the man, otherwise she cannot enjoy the process. Russian ladies are looking for a partner who can encourage them to try new things and be creative.

Words of affirmation

Russian girls love compliments, especially if they are sincere compliments regarding the things that the women are proud of themselves. Since you are using a foreign language make sure you formulate the phrases so that they are easy to understand and the meaning is clear. There is nothing worse than having to explain several times what was it that you actually wanted to say when the women gets something wrong and maybe even upset about it. Being kind always works. Russian ladies will love to spend time chatting with you, if they know that they will be appreciated for what they say or do.

Giving gifts

It is true that Russian women are very much into presents. Among the dreams of all the Russian brides is getting a diamond ring or a fur coat from a beloved man. Of course they do not expect to get them on the first date from a man they barely know. A good way to show that you care about women is to bring her flowers. For some you it may seem kinda old fashioned, but most of the Russian girls will really like it. Flowers on the special days, such as Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines day are a must. You should definitely give her a gift and some flowers on Russia’s favourite holiday “International Women’s Day” on the 8th of March. If you know that the woman that you are dating likes flowers, it is always good to bring them without any special occasion.

Acts of service

Russian women really desire a man who can make their life easier. Women have become stronger and more independent, and nowadays it is so hard for them to find a man who can make decisions and whom they can trust. If you are this kind of man, they will fall into your arms. It is equally important to appreciate everything that your partner is doing. Russian ladies are great at keeping the house tidy. But just making a compliment about how hard the women works, is not enough. If you can help with the household it is great, but it is even more awesome if you do it without any reminders. Take the initiative and wash the dishes or take the trash out. Women will always notice such things and it will make them hold on to you.

Quality time

One of the biggest fears of Russian girls is to have a man who they will have to be waiting for constantly. Of course, they would like to marry a man who works hard and brings in good money, but for them being physically close to each other is the essence of love. You can give a Russian woman all the presents she wants, but it will never replace being together. Make sure to have enough time where you can be together, only you and her. Going together to a party with 100 people around you is not the same as having a romantic dinner just two of you.

It is useful to remember that all the expressions of love have to be in balance, but there will always be one or two categories that would generate more response. Try to pay attention to it and get to know better the love language of your partner. You are guaranteed to have a successful relationship and a happy marriage.