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How to talk about money with a Russian woman


It is a commonly known fact that most of the divorces happen because of money. If you do not want to be one of those sad cases, you have to learn how to bring up this topic and catch the problems early if it is necessary. Money issues are something that you need to sort out before thinking about marriage.

Two extreme cases

You can run into two types of Russian girls. Some of them are savers and some of them are spenders. The women from the first group are extremely careful with money. They know that they always need to have some backup, they think ten times before taking any loans or borrowing money from someone. Sometimes you have to force those women to spend some money on themselves and buy an expensive dress. This habits come from the family and the environment. If the girl happens to be raised in a highly competitive environment with a lot of people of a better economic situation surrounding her, she is likely to turn into a spender. She wants to acquire status symbols for all costs. Even if it means spending almost the whole salary on a bag or taking up a huge monthly obligation. You have to be aware that the second group of women has also higher expectations towards the man.

Being in control of the spendings

A big part of Russian women comes from families, where the Mom makes as much money as the Dad or even more. They have seen this role model and that is why they are trying to stay in control even if they do not work themselves or bring home smaller part of income. They need to know where the money comes from and where it goes. For many Russian ladies it will be a problem if you make a big purchase, such as buying a new TV set without consulting them before. If your girlfriend is the type that would rather save money for a certain purpose, it is pointless to make her costly surprises. If you buy something expensive and she does not like it, it will bring more trouble than joy.

What if you do not make too much

If you happen to live on a tight budget, it is always better to address this issue as early as possible. Try to talk about the situation as it is. There is a plenty of women on the online dating websites and in the databases of the marriage agencies who do not care about your salary that much. Keep in mind, that whatever you are making now, is still probably better than the standard of living that the woman is used to. Of course, if you are a guy with a tight budget, you should rather be looking for a girl from the first group, someone who will help you to save money and grow wealthy instead of leaving a significant part of your income at the designer clothes shop.

Generosity is an advantage

Russian girls like men who are willing to share their money. A man who wants to have a successful marriage with a Russian woman, has to learn that Russian people dislike greed. They do not go crazy about every cent. If they have been charged an extra dollar they will never ever ask where did that money go or why was it taken. Unless they are experiencing very hard times they enjoy sharing money with other people. Therefore, a woman that you are dating also expects you to be generous. They never mind if you pay for the dinner on a date or hotel during a trip. If you do so, it is a certain advantage and if you propose to share the costs, it will make her think about the reasons why you are doing so and it will distract the attention away from the process of getting to know each other.

It is never easy to talk about money with the people that are important to you. But it is a necessary part of building a strong relationship. After all, your values and attitudes about money will have a large impact on your future marriage.