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How to win the heart of a Russian woman?


To grab the attention of the woman through an online dating service or the marriage agency men often have to choose between one of the two ways how to present themselves. They either have to be a “reliable guy” or a “fun guy”. They are most likely to choose the first option as they think that a stable man is something that all the Russian brides are looking for. Still, there are many other things that are attractive to the Russian girls.

Being positive

You have probably heard people say that Russians never smile. That, of course, is not true. However it is common among the Russian people to talk a lot about the negative things and complain about the circumstances that they are in. If you are a kind of person that is able to turn negative into positive and approach each problem with a problem solving attitude, the Russian women will definitely notice it. When it comes to marriage, it is important for a woman to know that if there is a hard situation in her life, you will help her to make a decision and she would not be left alone with her issue. If you know how to make a girl smile and keep her mood up, she will definitely appreciate it as well.

Show her that you are gentlemen

People can tell how educated and well-behaved you are even through an online conversation in the chat. Russian ladies really value the politeness of the man. Show her that you have good manners, even if you are talking to her over the video conference, or writing a letter through a marriage agency. A woman needs to feel that you have respect towards her. Do not make her wait for you and do not give promises that you cannot keep. If she is writing you a message, she is really waiting for the answer and you have to let her know that you are with her, even if you do not exactly know what to say. Russian women tend to blame themselves for not being interesting, if you are not eager to respond. If you really do not want to pursue a relationship, then it is always better to be upfront and let the woman know about it. Otherwise she might wait for a long time hoping that you will still show up.

Give her an adequate picture about the life with you

There is absolutely no point in promising her to travel the whole world and stay in the best hotels if you are used to getting out of your hometown just once or twice a year. Russian girls are smart and they can tell when you are exaggerating. They are more likely to trust someone who is giving them a modest picture that is more likely to be true. Do not forget that building a long-distance relationship is always about trust. Sometimes talking about your weaknesses can bring you much more points than bragging about something that you have.

Notice the things about her

A compliment has so much more power when it is tailored to something specific that is also important to the other person. Let her know about the improvements in her language skills or how much you like the recent picture that she posted in the social media. Try to say something specific that you like about it. It is very important for the Russian women to get feedback from men and that their efforts of looking good and improving themselves do not remain unnoticed.

If you have already put all the efforts in winning the heart of your Russian bride, do not forget that the next stage is to keep up the image that you have built up. That is why it is always safer to act as if you would act outside the chat window.