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How to write letters that grab attention of the Russian brides?


First contact is the essiantial part of starting a reltionship with Russian women online. Although many marriage agencies offer professional letter writing among their services, it is useful to know how to write a letter yourself. In the future you will need to know how to write anyway, otherwise you will have to pay a lot.

Keep it simple

If you are just starting to date someone online, and it is your first time writing to the lady, you never know how good her language skills are. That is why you should as simple constructions as possible. Try to make sentences that could be easily translated using Google. Trying to appear too smart can confuse the Russian girls. If you are making efforts to be funny, then make sure that your jokes are easily understandable. Being romantic always works. Even if you are not too skilled at it, Russian women will still be flattered.

Not too much focus on yourself

You should definitely give a brief introduction about who you are and what you do. And what is most important – what is your motivation to start dating Russian women online. How did you get this idea. It is a question that the Russian ladies are always curious about it anyway and it is better to answer bring this topic up in advance. They will definitely apreciate you being straightforward. You should be positive in your first letter. Do not start talking about your problems or experiences that you have lived through right away. Russian women are very compassionate, but it is not the thing that you should focus on when getting to know each other. You do not want to appear pathetic.

Tell a story, ask a question

People feel when you are interested in them. Make sure that you show your interest towards the woman. It is a good idea to browse the profile of the lady carefully. Apart from looking at her beautiful photos, read through her personal information on the website. Find out what her hobbies are, and ask about it. Try to find something in common and talk about it. Use the simple construction: tell a story, ask a question. You can also ask the lady to tell a story. For example, if you see a lot of skiing pictures, ask what are her favourite places to go skiing or ask about the most recent skiing trip. Russian ladies can always tell whether you sent a letter just to see what is going to happen or you really prepared it as you would do for a woman that got your attention.

Never send the same letter to different girls!

This is not a mass emailing campaign. Russian women are smart and they can always tell if you have been sending the same letter to several girls at once. The biggest turn off is when you mix up the name somewhere in the middle of your text. You can forget about the response in such cases. As always, it is better to think about the quality and not quantity. Instead of approaching everybody, try to find out by looking at the profiles which girl will be the most suitable for you. And then write a nice personal letter. If the woman feels that you have written it especially for her, she will feel and obligation to reply. Russian girls are raised to be polite and respectful. Even if for some reason she would not want to pursue the dialogue, you will get rejected in a nice manner and it will save you time wondering whether the woman is going to reply or not.

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