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what is it like dating a russian man

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How well does a long-distance relationship work with a Russian woman?


Online dating is for sure very fun. You can chat for free with many hot Russian girls without having to think about what this relationship will lead to. But what if you meet someone that you will really like? Would a long-distance relationship work with a Russian woman?

Acceptable for the ladies

Nowadays, many Russian women are open to starting a relationship online. For many of them it is the only way to meet a man from a foreign country. There are so many marriage agencies and online dating portals these days, and it is for sure a sign that Russian brides are open to have a long-distance relationship. So if you do not have a chance to travel to Russia in the nearest future, do not worry about it. It is totally normal to date a girl over the Internet.

The patience of Russian women

There are a lot of books and movies that tell stories about the amazing patience of the Russian ladies. When these women fall in love they think that they have an eternity ahead of them. If they really click with you and they feel that you have also have feelings towards them, they will be ready to wait and satisfy themselves with your virtual presence. Some of the Russian women might not be in need for an actual date at all. They might be just looking for someone with whom to chat in the lonely evenings, but actually they would not even want to make major changes to their lives. In this case the problem with the distance is not tthat big deal at all. So it also depends on what you want and whether you want to pursue the relationship with such women. The ones who are looking for a marriage with a foreign prince can also be very patient, as it is their only way to achieve their goal. Russian girls are known for waiting long, sometimes even too long.

Demography plays its part

Perhaprs you have already read about the fact that there is a growing disbalance in the proportion of the men and women in Russia. The ladies who do not marry young sometimes lose the hope of finding a man from their own country. Especially if they are not the kind of ladies that would steal a man from another woman. The men who are left over, often struggle with alcoholism and drug abuse. Thanks to the online dating opportunity the beautiful girls from even the smallest and most depressive towns can meet somebody that will appreciate their beauty and the gorgeous soul. They will be ready to accept the long-distance relationship and they would understand that it might take a while before they can actually meet the man of their dreams.

Does it work for you?

This is actually a question that you should start with. Are you ok with long distance relationship or is physical interaction really important to you. How often you will be able to visit Russia? Even if you have an awesome online-relationship you might still be longing for the woman and missing her presence. Remember, even if everything is going perfect and you both agree to move in together, there might always be some force majeure related to the moving procedure. Then again, you will have to wait and be very patient. As we have already figured out, Russian women are able to wait, but are you?