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There are many elements that effect Russian brides cost, so if you program to pop the query to one particular of them and settle down, program your budget rationally. Veronica 30 Pinsk: ID13686. You can use a dating website to understand regardless of whether a certain woman is then with whom you enjoy chatting and make a final selection primarily based on this aspect. Guys neglect that to be in a position to have sex that is wonderful hot Russian girls, they ought to consist of closeness and tenderness with their relationships that are intimate. Anna 28 Rostov: ID13749. Customize your profile, adding individual pictures and particulars.

Preparing to travel to Russia


Whether it is your first time going to Russia or not, travelling that far always requires some planning, especially, if you are expecting to have a face-to-face meeting with the love of your life. You will be much more successful if you do some preparation and think through some things.

What stage of relationship you are in?

To start with: how many Russian brides are waiting for you? Some guys like to go for a visit after quite a short period of online dating and they just want to see which one of the several women they will really like in the real life. This kind of visit needs to have different setup than the case if you are going to see one specific woman. Obviously, not everybody can afford travelling to Russia often. If you are going to see just one lady, think about the level of intimacy between two of you and create right expectations for yourself and your dating partner. The plan of your trip will really depend on whether you are going to see what happens or to discuss the future marriage.

What do you expect?

The best thing is always to ask yourself what do you want to get out of this visit. Are you going there to discover how well you will match in the sex life or your final goal is to propose this time? Russian ladies might be open to have sex with you upon your arrival, and it is up to you whether you want to use this opportunity for short- or a long-term goal. If prior to your trip you have seriously discussed possible marriage, you should definitely plan a visit to the girls’ parents. If you want to learn more about the personality of your girlfriend, think about situation where she would be able to demonstrate it. Maybe it is worth to plan a short trip together. Travelling can reveal many interesting sides of a person.

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Learn some basic things about the place

First of all, try to avoid all kinds of typical “tourist misconceptions”. Do not ask her how many of her friends keep bears as pets at home. Russian women really appreciate intelligent men who have factual knowledge in various subjects. Even reading an article about her hometown on Wikipedia can help you to leave an impression of a smart man. Ask about the things in town to show your interest but you should not bomb her with the questions. Especially if you feel that she is not really strong in history or she is not eager to talk about it. Instead, spend the time wisely and talk about the things that matter while you are walking in the streets.

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Plan some activities

After you have learned about the town where the girl is living, look up some places where to go. Do not expect the lady to have a detailed plan for the whole duration of your visit (although she might, if she is proactive). After all, you should be the one inviting her to the date. Internet is so developed in Russia that you can easily look things up online, on TripAdvisor. Of course, do not go overboard with the schedule, you do not need to see all the sights during this one trip. Always ask the Russian girl what are her preferences. She should not feel that you are deciding everything for both of you.

Whatever your plans are, make sure that you think through the purpose of the trip and plan the activities that correspond to it. Doing things spontaneously can be a success, but not having an idea of what you are going to do during your stay in Russia, can also be a huge waste of time. In addition, doing some preparation work gives you a chance to demonstrate the woman that you a responsible man.

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