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russian dating rules

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Russian women and the children

Russian women

If the purpose of your registration at the online dating website is not just to chat for free with beautiful Russian ladies , but you have made long term plans, then the question of marriage and children is definitely in the field of your interest.

Russian women as mothers

Russian women make great mothers. They are caring and very responsible. The health of the children is always their priority. If necessary, they will sacrifice their work and free time to make sure that the kids have been properly taken care of. It also means that they try to avoid hiring a babysitter unless it is absolutely unavoidable. They rather spend time with the children themselves. Sometimes they can be overprotective and not really understand the principle that kids have to be left alone to become more independent, which is popular in the West. However, they would still manage to maintain a trustful relationship with their kids.

Your kids from previous marriage

If you become a father before getting yourself a Russian bride, it will of course add some challenge to your plan to start from a blank sheet in your life. It is always hard for the kids to accept that their parents are not together anymore and one of them has chosen a new partner. Your kids might take it easy or be reluctant to the fact that you have a new lover. One thing is for sure - you definitely have to think through how do you present to your kids the possible marriage with a women from abroad. It will affect your future relationship a lot. If your kids are living with you do not expect them to feel the same way as you feel towards your new partner and accept her as a family member right away. Making kids call your finaceé “Mom”is the worst idea ever. Even if your ex wife is not around anymore, nobody can ever replace the mother to the kids, especially if they can clearly remember her. Russian ladies are friendly towards the kids of their partners. But remember, if you are looking for a new mother for the kids, it is a slippery road. You can never expect your partner to love your kids as her own. If your kids are living with you and you would like your future wife will have to take care of them to some extent, you should definitely talk about it upfront with the Russian girls.

What to Do When Your Girlfriend's Child Hates You

Raising kids together

As it has been already mentioned above, Russian women are perfect candidates for raising children. However, you need to be ready for some challenges. Among the regular steps of the process of planning a baby there are a lot of extra things that you would need to agree upon. For example what language you will be speaking with the baby, and what would be the key cultural values that you teach to the kid. To avoid the domination of one of the parents it is useful to divide the roles clearly. Russian girls appreciate when the father also takes part in education of the kids and although they like to make decisions on their own, they rather see a man as the head of the family. However, in general Russian ladies are the partners whom you can rely on when raising kids. They are more likely to be strict parents and demanding good behaviour from