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Russian women personals. Beautiful ladies at our website in 2017

Russian women personals

It was a year ago, sometime in the spring. The day was a sort of gray, the weather was gloomy, it was raining, in general the mood was the same as the weather. I did not know what to do, when I came back home. I was tired of television, didn’t want to call friends, and to go somewhere. And suddenly I remembered that there was such a thing as the Internet. Although I didn’t like it much, but I had no choice. After 20 minutes, I realized that there was nothing interesting on the Internet. It felt disgusting. I didn’t feel the taste of life. Already just random clicking on any links I accidentally hit on some dating site. It was Without hesitation, I registered, and started searching for the person who would understand me. I hoped that I would find my soul mate! Well, to tell the truth, I was not going to take it seriously, because it was crazy for me ... to get acquainted with the woman through the Internet!

A moment later I wrote some sentences to several different profiles. After waiting a whole 5 minutes, or rather just trying to fill in the profile information, I saw that someone wrote to me! I was really surprised and happy. I didn’t know what feeling was dominating: fun or curiosity. Generally there was a letter from a girl, who answered my letter. I didn’t know why, but something attracted me in her message. And we were communicating during 3 hours, which passed like 3 minutes. Unfortunately she had to go somewhere, and we assigned our next online “date” in a day. Until the next day I was thinking about my new online friend Ann. It was interesting to communicate. I remembered how she told about herself. She was an ordinary girl with beautiful gray eyes, loving animals, and outdoor rest, and the most important thing - that she had romantic nature! I tormented the whole night trying to sleep, but my head spun only one thought… dream about her. It was my first experience with Russian women personals online. And despite the fact that for me it was only a waste of time, I changed my mind. You could say I changed myself!

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The next day, I immediately, ran over the Internet. And I saw a few messages, but I was interested only in Ann’s message. In some hours of constant communication we came to a consensus that the Internet chat of course was interesting, but we wanted to meet in real life.

We agreed to meet in a park near a monument and I gave her my phone, but ... but I forgot to take her. It was my mistake. After we said “goodbye”, I realized the entire situation and was really scared. Well, I did not often go on dates with girls and did not often communicate with them, I did not know what to do and what to expect. And everything was complicated by the fact that I had never seen that girl and did not know who she was! My head was filled with so many thoughts that I had no opportunity to catch even one of them.

Trustworthy Russian Dating at RuPersonal

But fortunately on the site I found very interesting dating advice, which helped me a lot in my behavior on the 1st date. It was told: “Take the initiative. Women prefer men who can be relied on, that is, the leaders of the pack, who are able to make decisions clearly and without delay. A man can listen to the wishes of the girl, but as a rule, they can be quite vague and he will have to make choices on his own. There is no need to try to find out too, where she wants to go, women may respond treat such a question, not entirely positive. Believe me, if a woman wants to go to a specific place, she will necessarily tell you about it.”.

Those words made me confident in myself, and I really felt much better. I can say, that our first date was great, and it was nice beginning of our love-story.

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