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If you hear that Ukrainian vs Russian women have absolutely nothing in widespread, it ll be a lie without the need of any doubt. Kristina 31 Tashkent: ID13817. You can commit hours talking to an American girl, but there is not a lot of femininity about her. Our specialists figure it out witheachother, what attracts immigrants in Russian females a lot. Lesya 30 Lipetsk: ID14440. But this is so fascinating and intense that now I could not imagine getting married to an American.

Should you run after a Russian woman?

Russian girls

Some Russian girls might seem so attractive that men are willing to work really hard to get their attention. Another group of guys is just naturally into doing too much for the women. Whether you belong to the first or second group or none of them, learn how Russian ladies react to men who try too hard.

Where courtesy ends

As you might have already read or heard from someone, Russian women get really flattered by the efforts of a man who wants to get their permanent attention. They like to hear kind words and compliments, as they love with their ears. They get excited if you bring them flowers, as they feel that the relationship is important to you. If they ask you for a favor and you are ready to do help them, they think you are a real man. But what if the woman becomes too demanding? Suddenly she changes and starts to complain more, and she is often in a bad mood? The reason for this is you. Perhaps you have been trying too hard and have spoiled the lady that you are dating. Some men do not notice it, because they get too obsessed with the woman. And when they do, it is a little bit too late to change their behavior. So what to do to avoid such situation?

What will make you valuable

You have to start early by giving the woman a chance to be longing for you. Russian ladies have such a nature, that they actually want to wait for men. To keep the women’s interest you have to give her some reason for a doubt. When she spends time thinking whether or not you are really interested in her, she gets more and more attached to you. It is just the way how it works with the feelings of Russian girls. Of course it does not mean that you have to ignore her letters for two weeks or leave the chat without saying anything. If you are using the service of a marriage agency, it might even turn out to be very costly. But for example, if you have some extra work to do or you want to go out with your friends, and the lady is asking at the same time if you can meet her in the chat, do not cancel all your plans and run to the woman. Let her know about it, she will see that you have your own interests as well, and she will respect you even more. And, of course, she will be waiting for your next date with even bigger enthusiasm.

Risk of being manipulated

If Russian women feel that you are a man who does not know how to say ‘no’, they might start abusing it, even without realizing it themselves. That is when women become manipulative and more demanding. It also takes the emotion out of the relationship. If you give her too many presents, it will be harder and harder to impress the woman. She will be expecting something more valuable and expensive every time, and if the reality does not meet her expectations, she will be less excited about you. And of course, every one of us has some kind of limit to his resources. So the general advice to the men who are interested in dating Russian women: you have to be a gentleman and show the girl signs of appreciation, but do not lock yourself into a dead circle of serving the woman. Sometimes you just have to be unavailable to give the lady a chance to think about you.