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The roles in the Russian Family

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If you have started dating Russian ladies not only to have fun and chat, but you are seriously thinking about getting married to a Russian woman, you are probably interested what kind of family you might have in the future. Even if you consider yourself a very dominant man, the woman still plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere and dividing the power at home.

The wife is always right

The mother has a very important role in the family. Despite different stereotypes, the husband and the wife are quite equal in a typical Russian family. It is not a secret that in many families women make more money than men. And, of course, they run the household at the same time. Russian women are usually the one to set up the rules in the house. They decide what time is the dinner and when is the good time to go to sleep. They pick weekend activities and make plans for holidays. Russian men often have to ask from their wives if they can go hunting or fishing with their friends. Oftentimes they have to face rejection. When it comes to school and education in general, Russian girls always take responsibility for that. However, when it comes to helping kids with homework it usually works the same as everywhere else – dad helps with math and mom with everything else. If the lady has more laid-back persnality the father has to be the one who checks the schoolwork and keeps it strict.

The husband has the last word

Although Russian women are used to the fact that they have to make all the decisions on their own, they would like to have a man by their side who would help them to make the final decision. If you can manage to have sufficient influence on your wife, but at the same time let her handle the things she wants to deal with, then your wife will definitely respect you a lot. Russian ladies often teach to the kids that the father is the head of the family. It is usually among the rules that the moms make. You will have to be a good example of it, even if your wife is a very powerful woman.

Relatonships with other family members

As you might have already learned, Russians treat older people with great respect. Their family, especially the parents, are very important to them. For them it is not a normal thing to send their parents to the senior living facilities. Elderly people spend the end of their life living in the normal environment. In many fmilies the younger ones take care of the older family members. The question of the inheritance and real estate ownership is also very relevant, but still, in most of the cases Russians girls would never consider an alternative of a nursing home. It is used only if people are extremely sick or the children live so far away that they cannot come and help out the older ones.

Other issues of family life

Many Russian ladies are very close with their mothers. Sometimes they might insist on their mother moving to the new country as well. Depending on your attitude towards it, make sure to set it up in a clear way. If you do not want your mother-in-law living with you, be straightforward about it from the very begginning. It would be much harder to say „no“ to the woman you really love. As for living with the mother – go back to the first passage and multiply it by two. Russian women like to make the rules and so do their mothers. It might get complicated for you.

For sure, this is a very rough picture of how the marriage with a Russian woman looks like. And of course, we were focusing on issues that are quite stereotypical. Every individual case is different and you might find yourself in a situation totally opposite from what have been described.